What is up with the videos?

I was worried when I saw SYSTM required an update and I was proved 100% right which I normally love but not this time.

I did The Chores tonight and I was able to watch, maybe, 20% of the video albeit in terrible blocky quality reminiscent of something filmed on an 1Mp camera in 2008; not ideal but I can cope. However, the remaining 80% of the video was either frozen silence or random jumping and stuttering which, if anything, was worse. Let me tell you, I’m all for suffering but this was a different kind and one which I’m not sure I signed up to. Can someone sort it out please cos I’ve got AVDP soon and I’m not sure I can actually suffer that in silence.


There is another thread on this already, might be of interest


Yes, I saw it immediately after I posted this ha ha


I have exactly the same problems Nicky. Tried everything I could for the past two weeks. I’m done to be frank. Off to Zwift or just going to use the Wattbike app as even the basic graphics like a no video work better than this and also is free. I feel ripped off and let down.


Same issue here… hope there will be a solution fast! I stopped mid ride today… i couldn’t handle it anymore.