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I am a roadie who is used to Garmin 530, but I am now on my 4th because the altimeter tends to bug out in rain, then get better. It works for a couple of years, then the altimeter (gradient %) goes out for good, giving me negative gradients for going uphills I’m familiar with and positive gradients when going uphill. Maddening. Garmin’s answer 3 times is to just start all over again with a refurb 530 (to the tune of $130). I do like all the features of the 530, particularly STREET NAMES so I know where I am out in the country without having to pull out my phone. I bought a new bolt v2 a few weeks ago, and there are no street names, although it does show streets and trails well. I like street names…anyone know if Wahoo is coming out with any sort of software update to include street names on mapping, or am I missing something. I get it that if you have a pre-loaded course then the street name will pop up for a turn, but I like scrolling to computer map just as a point of reference every so often.
thanks, gabe

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Hey @gabollini and welcome to the forums.

I’m 100% with you on the appreciation and desire for street names on the maps for the wahoo head units. I’ve got a ROAM2 and it is one thing I miss when comparing it to my Garmin Edge 530.

What I’ve learned though is that a significant number of folks who use the wahoo head units prefer NOT to have street names as they believe it would clutter the screen. While I disagree and believe there’s great value in having that info, especially when in less familiar areas.

What I think would be GREAT would be if they offered names as an option in the CA (Companion App) so those, like us, who want it can have it and those that don’t can toggle it off.

I’ve heard nothing about there being an upcoming change to this though.