Device name and owners details

I think it would be great to have on startup of wahoo computers a splash screen which lists who’s the device is and contact details if it’s lost.

I managed to misplace my bolt at work today. Took a long time to find it but lucky it was handed it. I hope that if we could have ownership details very obvious on startup etc this could help.

Also having a name will also help reduce confusion at cafe stops for who’s computer is who’s.


Nice idea. Makes me think of an additional useful feature to “find my ELEMNT” where you could ping your device from the mobile app and it would buzz and flash the device to help you find it, like in iOS.



There’s a way to do it on a Garmin and I really liked that. Used to put my name and contact number on the start up screen. Would like to do that on the ROAM2 as well.

Also, welcome to the forums @Mike_Gregory! I changed this to the equipment category since this request isn’t a SYSTM (aka wahoo X, the indoor training app) software thing. It’s a Wahoo head unit thing.


Yip, I’ve done it on my 530… it’s just a matter of connecting Garmin to PC, copying a text file from it to PC, editing it, and pasting it back to 530/Garmin.