"North Up" even while routing

Would you please consider to add an option that enforce “North Up” or “Disable Rotation” even while navigating a route ? Thanks in advance.


I can see why you (and others) might want something like this but it would drive me batty to have North up when heading in any direction other than North. I am directionally challenged as is and because of this, I have a data field that shows the direction I am heading

(p.s. also, since this is a request for a feature on the Bolt/Roam Companion App, and since Wahoo has yet to create a public forum for that, I’ve moved your topic to Equipment. SYSTM (wahoo X) software has no navigation features)

Thanks for moving my topic to the right place, Equipment.

I know some (most?) people prefer “Heads Up” like you, but I believe there are certain amount of people who prefer “North Up”. For me, the rotating map drives me batty even while navigating a route.

If you do googling with words like “heads up wahoo” then you’ll find various complaints that Elemnt ROAM/BOLT doesn’t have this feature, e.g., comments #340 in the review Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM Cycling GPS In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker.


Oh I get it. We are all different. And, fwiw, I 100% agree with you that it should be configurable.

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As a map person, I almost always prefer to have North always up. I can see why it is useful for many to have the map rotate and I do use it occasionally. But when driving I still prefer to have my GPS on my phone always show North up. When my wife uses Waze in the car it drives me batty to have the map constantly rotating and that disorients me.


Yep. I always use North Up on all nav devices (cycling and otherwise), incl paper maps. I’ve used Garmin Edge devices since 2010 and they’ve all had North Up options. Not having it would disqualify a device for my use.