Strength / Resistance / Weight Training

I have been using SUF for a a couple of months now and have been following the SUF Strength intermediate program and enjoying the workouts.

I have a lot of experience of weightlifting/strength training before I became serious about cycling this year. Now that I am familiar with SUF training plans I am wanting to get back into weightlifting, and add in 2 full body weightlifting workouts a week. As much as I enjoy the SUF Strength workouts, weightlifting is my jam. I enjoy it and like the way it makes me feel.

My question is, how easy will it be to program weightlifting workouts into a training plan? Will it be as simple as doing my own gym sessions in place of the SUF Strength workouts in the Sufferfest training plans? Also, would it still be best to do these workouts either on rest days or on days with NM workouts/drills? Finally, when stacking weightlifting and cycling workouts on the same day, which one should come first and should there be a break between them?

@Coach.Spencer.R - I seem to recall reading that you enjoy weightlifting, and any input from you would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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@djones632 When I selected my plan I added SUF strength - intermediate level. I sometimes do SUF strength and sometimes lift weights and sometimes both. Usually you will see a lower intensity ride that day that you can use as a warmup before your strength and the overall weekly volume will adjust to allow for more strength work. I also track via Training Peaks using HRM to get an idea of my training load. It isn’t perfect but with trail and error it should allow you to do what you are trying to achieve.

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Thanks @JSampson for your helpful input as always! I’m currently on the Metric Century plan with Strength sessions every Tuesday and Friday. The Tuesday strength sessions are usually stacked beneath recovery rides or drill workouts such as Cadence Drills/and holds. However, there are some which are stacked with more intense workouts, like GOAT. On these days, am I right in thinking weight training in the morning (before work) and doing GOAT in the evening (after work) would be an acceptable way of stacking these workouts? Cheers mate.

Hey @djones632
Thanks for reaching out. Both my wife, Stephanie and I enjoy 2x/wk full body sessions incorporated into our training plans. Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. It’s really easy to integrate your sessions into your training plan.
  2. Yes, just replace SUF strength with your plan spaced similarly.
  3. It is best to combine with NM workouts/drills
  4. On days with strength and NM workouts/drills just follow the plan recommendations as if you were doing SUF Strength. For example the cadence drill workouts should all be done after strength. Standing starts, before strength (usually back to back). If you do something like Torque Monster, GOAT, or NoVid Big Gear Work either before or after is ok but you may need to space it out rather than back to back. Don’t sweat it though if you need to have a longer break between any of the workouts due to travel to/from gym or just plain fatigue.
    And make sure you deload you weight training during rest weeks and take a full rest day each/most weeks. If you’d like to dial in even more, like what strength exercises to combine, reps and sets, just schedule a coaching chat with me. I’m happy to help!



You’re the man @Coach.Spencer.R. Thank you so much for the considered response. I may well schedule that call with you to talk through the strength workouts! Cheers.

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