Strength training with resistance bands?

I’m not really feeling the vibe with the SYSTM strength training and it’s hard(er) to get out to a physical gym these days.

Anyone have a recommended strength training program that uses resistance bands? General body strength + something that can help get my FTP up in addition to the Wahoo custom training?

@yodakramer Check out the kettlebell thread:

Personally I use both the SYSTM strength and also add my own lifts with weights - mostly upper body. I would recommend putting your SYSTM plan together with strength so that the training load is balanced appropriately. Then you can either do strength and add your own lifts or just substitute the strength sessions for different lifts.

Go slow - it is easy to overdue it and compromise your performance on the bike.

Also my take on the SYSTM strength training is that it is really focused on the strength and stability necessary for the bike (eg. Strong core to better transfer power, single leg squats for better power generation, etc. ) and not more than that.


Yup, ex-powerlifter here, so pace and frequency of lifting is experienced. Always looking for something that will provide an edge in the off season and I can say I’ve never grown in bike off season strength as much as I have with KBs. Plus, if I’m honest, this past race season I was just done. Done with racing, done with all the machismo BS from competitors. Needed to retreat back into something that was just me and just for me. Weights have always been my solitude.

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I picked up the loop style bands from Undersun fitness and with some experimentation you can copy about any weight training move you want. Loop over shoulders for squats, lunges etc. I’ve had four shoulder surgeries and several low back injections, and although I prefer dumbbells and kettle bells, my joints seem to ache much less using bands. There’s quite a bit of you tube content out there, James Grage has several videos showing full body workouts and also push, pull type splits. I’ve been trying the Sufferfest strength vids and they’re ok, especially for core but I’ve not seen much improvement in strength

Yeah, makes sense. I’ve been toying with Fitbod since it takes some of the thinking away but is disconnected from my custom biking workouts already in TrainingPeaks/SYSTM.

But with an FTP of 137w and Breathless Agony in May/June (100 miles, 12k ft), I want work on that FTP!

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+1 for the James grage recommendation, there is a YouTube video with of a full body hiit workout and it was brutal.