Weight lifting and rest weeks

Hey all, I started weight training 2x a week with heavy weights (squats, deadlifts, etc) about 4 weeks ago on top on doing some Suffering on SYSTM and am ready for a rest week. I’m curious how to approach my recovery week with regards to strength training.

Should I keep it 2x a week and just do like half the weight and half the reps? Or just once a week? Or could I just do the Suf recovery strength sessions?


I’m in the same boat! Balancing SUF with lifting has been a challenge.

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I use rest weeks to deload the weights and work on form. Sometimes that means lifting just the bar. Reps often go up, but not by much.


This is a good way to go, focussing on form and technique. It can also be an opportunity to do some unilateral work to sort out imbalances, core/trunk work to help build that supportive and strong base for the heavy lifts, or a bit of light plyo work to get movement patterns dialled in


Thanks all, makes sense.

Michael - I’ve found that I can only tolerate endurance/z2 or cadence build type rides the day of and after a weight training day but am usually good for a harder ride the day after that (48 hrs). Definitely hard to get volume and intensity on the bike with intense weight training. I plan to dial down the weights in a month or so and get back to more/harder biking.

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If you set up your training plan with Suf Strength, then just sub in your own weights work, I find it works quite well. However that only gives you two days with strength and I’m finding I do better with 3 days, so likewise have that same issue with focusing on both. So now am leaving the 3 days a week of weights to autumn and then back ton2 days for winter and spring. Summer, I tend to just ride outside. A LOT.