Strength Training with actual equipment

Are there any plans to incorporate actual equipment in the strength training programming? Right now, when I search strength training via the filters, I see things like “water bottles” and “chair”. Right, I know I can do bodyweight workouts and I can substitute dumbbells for the water bottles. But it’s not exactly the programming I’m used to for strength training.


Not a real answer but I think it’s worth bearing in mind that this is strength training primarily for cyclists. The goal isn’t really bulking up, where larger, heavier weights and more explosive movements would be prescribed but the goal is core strength and balance.

There is a thread elsewhere here where people discuss the use of kettlebells. I can try to link to it if I find it.

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not just that it’s for cyclists–there are plenty of cycling use cases for lifting heavier weights–but it also seems to be designed for folks to be able to do it at home so the lack of equipment is a feature and not really a bug, i don’t think. So more like calisthenics, core strength and stability and mobility.

You can make these routines very challenging with dumbbells but there’s even then a limit to how much strength you can build when you are resting for only ten seconds between sets; you’re getting different adaptations and working different limiters than if you did a heavy back squat.

if you Do want to do that stuff you can, i definitely do in the off-season because it’s fun, but you’ll have to program it yourself and be careful that alongside your cycling, you’re not trying to do too much.


You can sub Kettlebells or dumbbells for water bottles easily enough.

If you’re in off season, you can get real creative.

I do a blend of grind style calisthenics, body weight, body weight + vests and belts, kettlebells, Macebells, strongman log, curl bar, 45-100 lb slam balls.

Your only limit is your imagination. Keep to the cycle specific movements and you’re good.

Obvs your weight and rep range will elicit different results - power, strength, endurance - so apply accordingly.

Happy Lifting!