Kettlebell S&S with SUF

Anyone else integrate Pavel’s S&S into SUF custom workouts?

Only interested in exact application for responses.

Interested in what happened for you when you hit 2+ pood.

I’m quickly surpassing 28kg single swings and TGU. Sprints are through the fricking roof.

My training time is about 8-11 hours a week riding and 10-12 hours strength a week - or approximately 3-4 hours a day split into 2-3 sessions.

Caloric intake is 3400-4250 depending on burn rate for the day vs on deck for next day. Splits are 50-55 C/ 15-20 F/ 25-30 P.

Body weight is staying pretty much the same, which is the plan but not worried about putting on 2-6kg right now.


@SirAlexanderLee Not S&S specifically but I had been doing a Tuesday Thursday routine - 3 sets of seated press, 3 sets cleans, 3 sets rows and 100 reps RKBS. It worked well and only added 15 or 20 minutes each day. The swings are great for the core and the posterior chain.

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I’ve been battling to incorporate kettlebell into my gym routine. Just bought this book, thanks!!!

No advice from me, as am still learning about incorporating strength work. I currently ride workouts as scheduled and swap out the scheduled SYSTM strength sessions for 5x5 free weights work. Squats, BP, OHP, UR and DL. It hasn’t been enough. I suspect I need a minimum of 3 days a week of weights work and to add something else, like kettlebells. I only have 10kg Kbell and hopefully it’s not WAY too heavy as a starting weight.


kind of off topic but just to note, once you get stronger and start lifting heavier weights, at some point twice a week will be plenty.

Like if you do a five sets of 3-5 rep max effort deadlifts, you’re not gonna want to do that again in two days, especially if you’re also cycling.

if it’s more like strength endurance, mobility, flexibility, movement prep and balance type stuff then of course htat’s different, but just remember you might need to mod the frequency as you progress


The problem I have is life gets in the way so badly sometimes that I end up having to deload and start all over again. And it takes ages to build back up on 2 days a week. Covid lockdowns have kept me out the gym also, but have just invested in basic weights for home that will help. No excuse now :grin:


life is always doing annoying things like that :slight_smile:


Well, for maintenance, yeah, but goal now is strength and allowing for whatever hypertrophy is going to occur at this rate, intensity, and duration.

During the season I do a 2 hr 2x a week full body routine that hits the whole body and 1 day specific to core just for maintenance. That’s on top of riding.

Now, in the off season, I hit ea body part/grouping (chest&tri, back&bi, core, shoulders/traps, legs) 1x week with a custom program I’ve put together the last few years that puts the beans in the pot!

I’m integrating Pavel’s S&S into the above now as I want to get back to heavier weights like I used to but without the gym. So this routine right now is specifically 100 swings (10/10) and 10 TGU (L/R 1/1x5) 6x a week. I’m on week 2 and the 24kg is already getting too easy. With this, reps stay the same. Weight goes up at predetermined intervals. This is for 24 weeks.

Ride volume for the next 12-16 weeks is primarily base/tempo/enduro 4x a week and 2 hard days where one is AC/MAP specific and the other is a race sim. So 6x a week riding, 6x a week KB, 5 x a week bodyweight, iso, calisthenics, weights.


OK that’s really helpful thanks! I have a tendency to overdo things and end up with injuries so I’ll ramp up the days per week slowly and see if I can’t work up to 3 to 4 days a week on the weights side. Glad I found the S&S book, everyone on YouTube just uses a KB like a regular weight and I knew that wasn’t right

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If you’re just doing SUF and S&S, I think you’ll be good.

I built up to 6 days a week too when I put the KB in to everything else and really spent the first 2-3 weeks practicing the movements with lighter weights to get the right movements down about 3-4x a week. Even though I already do weights and other things it was amazing what the KB was activating. Now that I’m a few weeks into the full daily routine, it’s insane how fast my body is growing into the heavier weights. Something barbell weight never did for me.

Also, record yourself from the side to check your form when practicing and also those first several real workouts. It’s amazing how fast you can correct yourself that way. You don’t want to be at a wrong angle when the weight ramps up.


Sweet thanks, that’s good advice and appreciated. I currently have a single 10kg KB but looks like I need an 8, 12 and 16kg but will see how I go with the 10 initially as am reasonably strong.

You’re going to blow through it. Get the 16 ready.


I’m in. Kettlebell purchase tomorrow :grinning:

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I have a pair of Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells, which I love and which hold up under regular use. Bowflex makes adjustable kettlebells, too. They might save you some space.

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Thanks Alex.

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KB specific. DB don’t offer the same types of ROM and activations.

Yeah, not heavy enough on those BF KB (or whatever that thing is). Looks like a mini keg with a handle :rofl:. They only go up to 40lbs - roughly 18kg.

I’m pulling about double that now.

Also, ergo on those are suspect. Can’t do half the lifts with that shape. It’ll never rest right on the forearm or in the pouch.

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Watch the StrongFirst videos on form online and grab a few of Pavel’s newest books. Grow on!


Will do Sir Alex. Thanks for the tips. I’m not a gym fan and haven’t got the space at home for a home gym so a few kettlebells should be great. I’m also all about functional strength and having read a little now kettlebell workouts really seem the go.

The amount I learn through this forum. What a community!


Interesting thread and timing as I just bought this book recently. It seems I am a “below average” man. (What is a gym?) I have a 12kg kb (for about 2 years now) but I’m too weak to get it off my chest with my left side to even start a Get Up. Incidently, I suffered through a year of frozen shoulder on my left side that I am now thankfully over but I guess this is probably the cause of such below averageness (according to Pavel). I just bought a 8kg. Am hoping that will help me get started as it arrived today. Am slowly working through the book and starting to work on basics such as stretching first as what I lack in strength I make up for with my rock inflexible solid board ability. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

Incidentally, I find the prying goblet squat really hard also in terms of stability (irrespective of weight). I am looking forward to becoming average at some point in the near future. Onwards an upwards! I’ve also committed myself to a daily dose of yoga for almost 5 weeks now so its getting better.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Chuckling with you. But perhaps a bit more below average than you right now!

So, bought the book, a 12kg KB, cleared it with my physiotherapist (still rehabbing from right shoulder surgery), and even went through double and single arm KB swings with him - he suggested I start single arms with a 5kg dumbbell that my wife has at home.

Well I think I started sensibly and slowly (and I just finished 12 weeks of Sufferfest/SYSTM Strength so my base shouldn’t be that low) but after my second day of KB training I felt a twinge in my left hamstring (seriously, or perhaps it was Abi’s yoga on the same day - one of them) and a twinge in my left (good) shoulder. Gave it a rest yesterday and went for my first lap swim in a while today. Took it easy or so I thought (again) but really stirred my left shoulder up (recently operated right shoulder felt great!). So now I think I’ll give it another day or two’s rest and start with an empty super light water bottle as my KB. Do water bottles come any lighter than the Camelbak Podiums??? If not perhaps I could use a small square of bubble wrap to ensure there’s not too much strain. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Thanks for that @Craig.Quarmby. You have given me renewed hope :slight_smile: Great post and I wish you well on your recovery. I presume you are doing this in your bare feet so be careful not to step on the gum :laughing:

I’m in no hurry to get to any goals so introducing this to myself rather slowly (Pavel’s book might call me a sissy) also. But I’ll get there. I opened my new 8KG beast tonight and up it went (I was a little worried it might not). Decided to just push it up 10 reps each side by 3 sets just lying on the floor and call it a day for now. No swings or deadlifts today as my hamstrings are also slightly dead currently. Anyway, I feel I can make progress with this. Perhaps, I’m not quite an average lady yet (according to Pavel). Let’s see if I can get there.