Strength videos restarting automatically after ending the wo

Anyone has this experience getting to the end of a strenght workout and when goin to the PC to finish the wo before cliking anything the video restarts and the complete wo just done doesnt show complete in calendar?

Even getting that wo manualy marked as completed it doesnt upload to strava nor lets you do the manual upload because (message from system) manualy set as completed wo have no data. Wich strenght or yoga videos have data? :thinking:


I think I’ve had something similar happen in a yoga vid but it’s been ages. If I recall, even though it restarted playing, I skipped to the end and saved it, and it saved as completed (then uploaded to Strava).

Afaik, no strength or yoga vids contain data outside of the time spent “playing” the vids. I think there has been requests over the years to add HR data in but for my money, I’d much rather they focus on other things instead.

If uploading to Strava is important to you, and you still want to get the vid to upload to strava, you can just play the vid (you don’t have to do the workout again) and once its completed, save it and upload.

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@SSaldanha Yes - that happened to me with a yoga video where it ended up going for 19 minutes before I realized what was happening. I have seen a comment somewhere about it being a known issue related to the workout player and will be fixed whenever they launch a new player.


it’s a GvA special feature that gets triggered when you didn’t perform the workout properly :laughing::rofl: