Subscription price for UK 27% more expensive

Why is the price for a UK subscription £14.99 when it’s $14.99 in the US?

XE suggests a conversion of $14.99 to £ should be £10.77
I get that exchange rates fluctuate and there may be a cost for conversion/different tax but it seems like we’re paying around 28% more and that’s a lot of difference for the same product

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Good question. When I checked the other day sub in Sweden was 185kr which is equivalent to almost 22 dollars!

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How is your subscription handled? Is it through Apple or something?

I just checked and mine is taken as $ so my last month was £10.65 plus a 29p non sterling charge from my bank.

I know with Zwift, if you subscribe through Apple it’s more expensive as Apple add their % on.

Yep same for me, I pay 14.99 USD and its converted to euro so last month it was 12.68€ which is a steal…

It is purchased via Apple and I’m charged £14.49 (sorry must have miss read when I type $14.99) and it comes through on the credit card as £14.49 in £

Hi @Bryan_Janes if you are subscribing via Apple, they will charge you in your local currency. If you subscribe directly through SUF (you can go to to set that up) you will be charged in USD, your bank may apply a conversion fee though. Hope that clears up any confusion! Feel free to submit a ticket if you need any help with your subscription.


£10.63 here and a 32p non-sterling transaction fee, that’s by direct debit.

I’ve cancelled the subscription via apple and will re-instate direct with you guys. Will also work out well for when the Android app is released :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it’s worth thinking about removing the in-app purchase option?

After all, if you have the best interest for the customer in mind, helping them prevent paying the Apple or Google ecosystem mark up fee sounds like a solid move.
At the moment you are passing this cost down to the customer, possibly not knowing they could get a better deal subscribing directly.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

I get it’s comfy. But expensive.

In Germany it’s $14.99 vs $19.68.



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I’ve done the same, and moved to annual billing.

Substantially cheaper. I’d happily donate to @David.McQuillen.KoS ’s beer fund or to the Minions, but I’d rather not be giving Apple 15-30% of my payment.

Could we do something like a pay it forward and leave a tab behind the bar at the Cascade brewery?

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I believe this isn’t allowed by Apple

Correct, companies aren’t allowed to tell the user that they have to suscribe elsewhere even (See netflix or Spotify for instance).

AFAICT, there’s no easy way to circumvent this, I have as a personal practice to suscribe directly to the provider than through apple.

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Netflix is EXACTLY the example I was thinking about.

Today, there is no in- app purchase option for Netflix, and those who want to watch Netflix on an iPhone or an iPad must first sign up on the web, with Apple collecting no money.

Companies are not allowed to direct a user to their website, sure, but this doesn’t stop the app developer from removing the in-app purchase option, if they like.

Users will figure it out.

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