Convert web/windows subscription to mobile

Hi guys.

Is it possible to convert a web/windows subscription to Android mobile subscription and how to do this?

I didn’t know the subscription was platform based …

What happens if you try logging in to the Android based app with your current details ?

As far as I know, the subscription is not platform-based. You should be able to download the Android app, and log in using your existing account details.


As others have said, your subscription is platform independent.
Just download the Android app and login, should be sufficient.

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Sure, I can log in on Android and use the app but I’d like to pay subscription using Google Play. How to do this?

It’s more expensive to pay via Apple Store and suspect similar for Google Play Store tho admittedly I haven’t checked.

But if you really want to, cancel your subscription on the Wahoo website once you’ve logged in, then restart a new subscription in Play Store

You’d need to speak to the minions, in that instance, if you wanted to convert mid-term.

Essentially and more easily though, you’d probably just want to cancel your subscription at the end of the current term and then re-subscribe through the Android app, but as DameLisa says, it may well be more expensive.

then restart a new subscription in Play Store

Will my profile and workout history be the same?

You’d need to speak to the minions, in that instance.

I know minions are everythere in Sufferfest/SYSTM but what does it mean “speak to the minions” in real life? :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’ll be in the same account still, you’ll just be cancelling one subscription then starting another that will be associated with the same account, but with a different payment provider essentially

Thank you very much!
I’ll try cancelling and re-subscribing soon once my current period ends.

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Yes it should be as long as the email address is the same and you log in with the same email and password.


You don’t need a new subscription with Google. Your current subscription should transfer to your Android. If it isn’t submit a ticket so the Minions can sort you out. Only Apple devices can get a separate account, and I don’t have one for my Mac.