Subthreshold with surges 4x8 nerfed?

I did this workout for the second time today. A year ago when it first appeared in my plan the 10-min recoveries between sets were at 60% or so of FTP. Today the recoveries were at 45%. I found the old workout better since 10 minutes should be enough to recover at 60% FTP, with the new easier recovery I felt I was wasting my time since I didn’t need that much recovery at a very low power setting. Can the coaches provide some explanation on why the recovery sections were modified?

I checked in with Sir Neal, and this workout to the best of his knowledge has not been altered. Sir Neal says, “Whether it’s 30% FTP or 60% FTP isn’t much different…as the key is the quality of the 8-minute efforts.
If they want additional challenge just do the first 2 minutes of the recovery at 45% FTP and then fast forward to start the next interval.

And Sir Mac also chimed in with, “They could also try doing the session in Level mode if they want a more challenging experience :slightly_smiling_face:

So there you have it, suffer on Sufferlandrian :muscle: