Recovery during reduced sessions


I’m in the in-season XC MTB plan (with double strength) and a number of the sessions are run at reduced intensity. I normally run with the “don’t adjust recovery sections” setting turned on, as it’s recommended. This leads to the recovery sections having a higher power requirements than the work sections - for example in “Getting Away With It” at 55% FTP. It seems a bit odd, and the workout ends up as a single 40 minute interval which swings between 80 and 110 watts.

During these type of sessions, should I leave the “don’t adjust recovery” setting off?



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I’m on the same plan. Those day one of the week workouts are, I believe, active recovery sessions so are meant to be super easy. The coaches probably set them to a SUF video to give us something to alleviate the boredom but they do sometimes turn out a bit odd. I looked at the GAWI one and decided to go outside for an easy ride instead. Might do the same for the reduced Long Scream I have in my plan for today, not least because my trainer doesn’t support such a low power at a reasonable cadence so my easy spin would end up being at 70rpm or something, not ideal.

You should be OK with it either way. Or turn off the targets and just ride easy. Perfect opportunity either way to keep an eye out for things you’ve never spotted in the video before.


Hey Scott,
Recovery targets are anything below 60% of your FTP so yes on Getting away with it at 55% will seem a little strange. So depending how you find the 55% targets, you can select the ‘don’t change recovery sections’ to follow the workout as it ‘should’ be.
All of our plans work in blocks with some recovery weeks structured in there for you. Here is some more background on why the recoveries are important:


Thanks for the responses, very helpful


The advice I received for the recovery sessions was very straightforward… if you feel slightly embarrassed at how easy the pace is, then you’re doing it right! :sweat_smile::grin:
Always remembered that, and its welcomed as plans progressively get harder. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Plus one for the ‘welcome’ the reduced intensity sessions. I had an easy getting away with it the other day. After a pretty tough couple of days at 100% and a violater, G.O.A.T. combo today I’m looking forward to another easy reduced intensity session soon!