Tour of Norway 2 left a mark!

I did a half-Monty at the end of last week. FTP up 10%, MAP up a bit more than 10%, both probably the highest they have tested over the last 5 years.

TDN2 yesterday was my first hard workout since.
I know I overdid the intensity a bit - not deliberately; but when I saw a power increase coming, I started a few seconds early. When the “recovery” segment came, I did not start early. Many of the recoveries were so short that I did not want to change gears, so if it called for 150W on a “downhill” then I probably did 200-220, just at an easy cadence. IF ended at .9 vs. the target .85. I was pretty wiped out for the rest of the day and legs are feeling it today! I know some workouts were harder to finish (9 hammers for example) but I think I am “feeling” this one more the next day than any 1 hour effort. Anyone else have this?

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