Suffering for seniors

Wondering if there are some over 65 Sufferlandrians out there that would like to share some of their thoughts on training and recovery. I have been using this program for several years and I am still enjoying it. I have noticed as the years are ticking by that I am still able to do the hard workouts but require more of a recovery time. I do a good bit of yoga for recovery which is very helpful. Lately I have been doing the rides a bit easier so that I can ride more often,


I am turning 62 this year and have used Sufferfest videos for quite a few years. I am still able to tackle even the more challenging rides, but recovery has become a more important part of my routine. Lately I started doing the Sufferfest yoga videos in the morning, and they have helped me quite a bit, particularly after a hard ride. They help relieve tightness and I feel invigorated to start the day.


I am 65 and I am learning that proper recovery is key to being able to ride more - Sufferfest and gravel rides. I had hit a spot where I was kinda driving myself into the ground and was forced to take several days off before returning to any exercise. Fortunately I have been learning how to train hard and recover smarter.