Sufferfest and (smart) rollers

I’m just trying out sufferfest and quite like it so far. I’m using Arion Smart Rollers from Elite and they are working pretty fine. I’ve just finished the Full Frontal (woah… man!) and it tells me that sprinting should be done if possible standing. Standing on rollers is an experience of it’s own, a standing sprint… at least I can’t pull that off. Now my 5sec numbers are kinda low (about 650) compared to outside riding (about 850-900) I believe.
Does it matter in in the long run or am I able to follow the training nevertheless? I’m asking because I’ve also tried trainer road and they had man trainings with standing up or uncliping one foot, which is kinda hard on rollers.


Welcome to the Sufferfest-Community, @Frell. We’re glad to have you. :slight_smile:

It’s no problem at all to follow the training plans in your case. I don’t have any experience with training on a smart roller myself, but I am quite certain a lot of your final NM score in Full Frontal depends on your technique during the sprint effort.

Just start the training and get used to everything. Have some fun and enjoy the suffering.

Be aware that the shown target number during NM intervals (sprints) could possibly be too low and just take it by feel.

If you want to change it manually after a while, it’s easily possible.
There is a setting in each video to change any of the 4DP values to your liking. And there is even an option in the settings of the app to completely overwrite the value with your own number.

Or maybe even wait until you will do Full Frontal again, it certainly wasn’t your last experience with this beautiful workout, I hope. :slight_smile:

If you need any more assistance, please ask.


Good on ya for using rollers for the vids as your trainer! Just keep pedaling on them and don’t get too caught up in the numbers, especially since you are on rollers and sprinting is hard while riding them. I love rollers, and don’t do enough on them as I’ve done in the distant past. The reason I say not to worry so much about the data is that there are inherent skills, etc. physiologically that rollers do for your spin, and riding and handling overall that there is no way to really measure, but is noticeable out when it comes to actually riding. Nicely done!


Hi @Frell, welcome!

I use the Inside Ride eMotion rollers with the smart resistance unit. I’ve always done Full Frontal sprints sitting down, as I feel better able to get consistent power out without risking falling off.

I’ve also found that there are not that many intervals in the training videos that are based on the NM power number. Most use some combination of FTP, MAP and AC. For those that do use NM targets, I’m typically running the trainer in level/slope mode, so I just hit whatever power I can during those short intervals. I use ERG for everything else.

The app makes it really easy to switch modes (assuming you’re using a laptop) with the shortcut keys (` and 1-9).


Rollers rule, that is an actual fact.
I’ve gone through a number of Elite’s offerings over the years and still do almost all my training on rollers - currently the Elite Neros. I hope that one day Wahoo will bring out a proper set of smart rollers because they’ll be better than anything elite have got to offer.

Regarding sprinting on rollers - it takes practice, that’s all. Lots of practice. Engage your core and pedal smoothly. Do lots of core strengtheners yoga. Lots of cadence builds. Get super comfortable on the rollers. Then just lift yourself and hover above the saddle - don’t put your weight too far forward and you’ll be fine.


+1 for Rollers Rule. Taxc Galaxia brilliant for recovery rides and strengthening core. I was really proud when I mastered mine after watching loads of disasters on You Tube.


I haven’t tried other rollers, but the features of the Inside Ride rollers I really like are:

  • forward/backwards movement
  • bumpers on front wheel roller to stop you riding off the side
  • bumpers on the rear wheel rollers to stop you riding off the front/back of the rollers

Do you use them with speed sensors or power meter?