Sufferfest "hybrid" training - strength & endurance

Hi all,

Is anyone else combining Sufferfest cycling + running/swimming and heavy strength training/powerlifting?
I’m trying to combine getting great endurance with also being really strong. I think Sir Alex Viada who is also a Knight is somewhat of a leading light in this space but I’d be keen to see if there are others doing something similar?

Right now I’m in the final few weeks of a 16 week strength cycle (Juggernaught Strength program), so I’ve dialed back my Sufferfest % and running intensity to allow for better recovery for strength sessions as strength is the current focus over running/cycling/swim endurance.

I just enjoy pushing myself rather than having any particular events in mind. As long as I’m not injured when I try to go surfing then I’m happy!

Is anyone using any particular programs? Love to chat more on the topic, really interested to hear how others are combining their training and staying injury free!

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I will be following this thread, just signed up for a 12 weeks adv plan but want to add some olympic lifting in addition to tri training to build strength.

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sorry for the brief response, but I am short on time.

There is a topic with a few suggestions right here:

I will update my own experiences in a little while…

Let‘s move further discussion into this existing thread.