Partner with Zwift?

I am both a Sufferlandrian and a Zwifter…just thinking of a partnership where we could ride Zwift and enjoy Sufferlandria rides…Zwift de Mt Sufferlandria…the Amber Waves of Pain…the rollers where the wind is always in your face…the laser goats… the chasing wilderbeests … the time trial course through Agonia…lots of possibilities…and the coaching staff could apply their talents to customizable routes in the virtual world.

Zwift is a competitor so unlikely that can happen.

Yes - but a partnership might benefit both…expands Zwift world potentially and adds a new element to spur the Sufferest community and enhance the social aspect beyond the boards…that is my thinking

I also use Zwift and find it complimentary to SUF. I use SUF for structured workouts and Zwift as a sub for outdoor rides when the weather is bad. Group rides/events are my favourite.

While it would be really cool to have SUF group rides in Zwift, I don’t think there is much overlap in the two products. Even if you could import SUF workouts into Zwift I would prefer to do them with videos. I find Zwift very boring in workout mode.


@Bandselect The hell you say! :wink:

You are right! Reporting to flogging station #9