Sufferfestukah 2020

Hello fellow Sufferlandrians,
The Festival of Lights and Suffering returns for 2020. Way back in 2011 we realized (at the time) that there were eight Sufferfest videos and eight days of Chanukah. We decided to do a video a day. (You can read the original blog posts starting here:

This year Sufferfestukah will be held from Dec 10th through the 17th. All are welcome to join us. For those of you with The Tour in your sights for early 2021, you may want to consider this a wee chance to practice your intensity levels, nutrition and whatnot. Sticking with tradition, we will do a video day (no back-to-backs - those are for The Tour).

We hope to develop the Schedule of Suffering next week or the week after. Until then, get back on your bikes.


Sweet. Can’t wait for Sufferfestukah 2020!

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We should have a Sufferfestivus, for non religious reasons. A Sufferfest for the rest of us


Having to celebrate a festival outside your religion (or of a religion) surely just adds to the suffering :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe we could start a sufferfest appropriate airing of grievances

I rode SUF Advent last year, but it looks like it might not be happening in 2020. I could get onboard with Sufferfestukah.

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And here is the Schedule of Suffering:

12/10 … Power Station
12/11 … Attacker
12/12 … The Cure
12/13 … Cobbler
12/14 … GOAT
12/15 … 14 Vice Grips
12/16 … Defender
12/17 … The Hunted

Day to day I go from thinking this is brilliant to daft and right back around again. Enjoy!


Great set of rides. You saved the 'fest for last. Thanks for posting!

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