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Hello dear friends. I find good results for motivation in reading books cycling or fitness related, I would like to read some recommendations from sufferlandrians. It’s not easy to choose a book looking at random reviews.

I recently read The Rider by Tim Krabbe. It’s an easy and quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having some road races under your belt probably increases the enjoyment.


I recently read The Racer by David Millar and The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton. Both are good and worth reading.


The ultra mindset - Travis Macy.
Has great race stories (mostly adventure racing) but also some good additions for the MTP.


This is one of my favorites!

@gerilin Check out this thread for some additional books:

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@gerilin Also here is another thread with some reading suggestions:

Thank you.

You have good taste Sir :wink:

The Sports Gene by David Epstein. It’s not focused on motivation or mindset, but I found it extremely interesting.

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I recently read Range by David Epstein, I liked it a lot. I will read Sports Gener. Thanks.

Thank You Sir for providing this additional info/link - My approach is always to work the mind as much as the body and I like hearing what other fellow Sufferlandrians are learning/ reading.
I’ve seen you posts throughout the forum and you certainly seem to share this approach.

@trainingwheels Sure - happy to help! Full disclosure - I haven’t read most of those books but look forward to doing so at some point.

As the Springs Classics are amongst us, I strongly recommend The Beast, the Emperor and the Milkman.



The 8 on my nightstand including recently read, currently reading, and to be read:
Stand, Katherine Bertine
Range, David Epstein
Rafa, Rafael Nadal & John Carlin
Be Anti-Racist, Ibram X. Kendi
Great by Choice, Jim Collins
Unbroken, Lauren Hillenbrand
Stamped, Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi
One Way Ticket, Jonathan Vaughters


Thank you very much coach. It’s an honor to be replied by you. BTW I did Team Scream this moorning, great acting performance.


Two books I’ve really enjoyed are:

Midlife Cyclist by Phil Cavell
Burn by Herman Pontzer

All 3 of the Andrew P Sykes books on his travels through Europe are worth a look.

Doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a hoot along the way.

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Not cycling-specific, but the U.S. Navy issues ‘Younger Next Year’ to all of its officers attending the Navy Senior Leader Seminar (a course for officers in their late forties and early fifties). Attention-getting title aside, it’s a no-B.S. approach to managing fitness over the second half of your lifespan.