Suggestion for Long-Term Training

I may be missing this, but wanted to make a suggestions to the powers that be in Sufferlandria:

  1. It would be awesome to have a chart of all of your performance test metrics over time - so that you can monitor your progress, see where you were last year, etc. I am a masters rider who tests regularly, and this would be very helpful. (If this exists, I have not been able to find it on the app).

  2. It would be great if as a part of the library, or when you pull up a workout, the application told you whether you had completed it before. Better yet, whether you completed it successfully and when.

Thanks all.


Not missing anything. This has been promised and we’ve been told it’s in the works. A little behind schedule but that’s Sufferlandria :rofl:

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Its because you lot aren’t pedaling hard enough.
Sufferlandria is dynamo powered and you’re all slacking!


Hehe. I just have to be fast enough to avoid the lasers. Happy to suck your wheel Sir Jon!