Summary of achievements

List of sessions with filter and indication of how many times they have been completed. Hard to know today which ones has yet to be completed and which one did I do 2 months ago and scrolling the calendar is just a pain of another century.


Google How Do I Earn Badges/Achievements and Check My Progress? It will take you to a website where you can log in and it will tell you how many of a particular category of event you have done. So if you go there and filter for Cycling and select Sufferfest, it will tell you how many you have done and which ones.

It won’t ell you how many times you may have competed it but it will tell you if you have done it at least once. No it is not particularly convenient and since they have the data, compile the data and display it on that site, it should be very easy to allow a filter in Systm for Ridden/Not Ridden, but alas, no such filter.

The other option, equally inconvenient, is to download all of your activity history. It will open in excel but change the format to Excel Workbook from CSV. That will allow you to sort and otherwise manipulate the data depending on your excel skills. This way you could sort by activity name and you could see how many times and on what dates you did a ride more than once.

Neither is a bad option, just much more inconvenient than it has to be.

To correct myself. That page on How Do I Earn A Badge will tell you how many times you have done a ride. No other details but there is a tiny number next to the check mark indicating you have completed a ride: :heavy_check_mark: 2

But if you want more info that that you will need to download the history.

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