Super high cadence sets

I love doing the Tasmania:Hobart city recovery ride but what are the benefits of the extreme high cadence bursts of upto 175 revs?


Hi, improved neuromuscular coordination. I regularly get cadence build workouts in the TT and road plans. The coaches notes in the workout& on screen give more context.

Basically very specific training for your muscles on when to contact and release more efficiently during the pedal stroke.

Hopefully a coach with clarify if I misunderstood😃


I thought it may help in flushing out the DOMS?

Exactly what you said. It trains your muscles to fire in proper sequences. The same effect as doing Elements of Style.

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If that works for you then great, but that’s not is purpose.

I use recovery spins for that

It’s classed as a recovery spin, thus why I asked about the high cadence drills.

@Lyndon118 Yes - that is correct. The high cadence gets more blood flow to the legs and adds to the recovery ride.

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Based on the workout filters, Cadence Builds is under “Technique & Drills”, not Active Recovery.

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Noone is talking about that workout. Read the post.

Yes, but it speaks to the purpose of the NM drills.

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Can confirm this is correct. Essentially when you pedal you are pushing down with one leg (positive force) while the other leg actually offers some resistance (negative force) when pedalling efficiency isn’t so great. The high cadence work can really help reduce the negative force so that the net positive force improves and more power goes to propelling you forwards

Quick high cadence query - my when I do a high cadence drill in SYSTM the max cadance from my Kickr bike is 153 - is that the max the bike measures? Pretty sure I’m going faster than that!

I can’t say exactly what number the KICKR bike stops measuring increases in RPM but I have a feeling it is around that. Best to do some repeats as it would be very unlikely to hit 153 time and time again. But at that level you are working well above normal RPM and there or higher will be good

Thanks. That fits - every set tops out at 153; cannot imagine my legs are that accurate! I’ll cross reference with my Assioma at some point to see how fast the hamster wheel is spinning!

my kickr bikes stops at 133 :frowning: