Swapping saddles on a Kickr Bike

My wife is getting into biking and to save having two bikes constantly set up she has allowed me to buy a Kickr Bike for us to share.

The adjustability will be great, the only problem will be the saddle. She is used to a big soft mountain bike one but I like my standard road saddle.

Is there anyone out there sharing a bike who swaps saddles in a workable way? I don’t want to have to mess with taking them on and off the rails a lot so was wondering about a spare seat post if that comes out easily enough.


I was thinking about the same problem but then my wife got pregnant and I dropped the ball on a viable solution.

The easiest would be to swap out the whole seatpost in between users. Comes off without a problem. Maybe you could write Wahoo and ask for a spare one?


All the reviews I’ve read say that the Kickr bike seatpost is a standard size so you should be able to get a spare from your local bike shop.

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If it is just a case of swapping the seat post that makes things a lot easier.

I guess I’m used to companies who make everything bespoke so you can’t use off the shelf kit with them.

From the DC Rainmaker review:

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While this seat-post does have a special ruler on the back of it, you can actually swap it out for any seat-post of your liking. This allows you to have two saddles (perhaps for two family members) and easily swap them. I suspect some day Wahoo will also offer secondary seat posts as accessories in an online store or something.
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Perfect, thanks.

We just swap the seatpost with the saddle between us - standard size seat post on the Kickr so completely straightforward.

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On the Neobike I swap out the complete seatpost-system (not round like the on the Wahoo but actually a rail that moves forward and back), Tacx hooked me up with a spare, free of charge.

Just write down the settings numbers on a piece of paper. I always make sure the bike is in the wife’s configuration. She doesn’t like faffing around with the adjustments and she uses it more then me.

Takes less then a minute to change everything