Wahoo Kickr Bike Set Up Help

My replacement Kickr Bike was dropped off today. I am almost done setting it up but have one problem. I can not adjust the reach. I am long waisted so this is a big deal.

I don’t know if it got jammed in there, the release is faulty (I doubt this given how loose it felt when I turned to the end), or something I don’t know about.

No amount of force I have tried manually can get it to move. I don’t really want to go banging on it with a hammer. ANY suggestions?

Hey @Critmark, you probably already have, but just in case, please submit a support request here. I’m sure they will have some suggestions.

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You are correct, already did. Their response this morning was to get someone else to add more muscle.

Try rocking the stuck part up and down and side to side. One of the reasons I got the kickr bike was to experiment with bike fit. I must put a lot of weight on the bars, because the horizontal bar the stem is attached to always is stuck inside the main top piece and unable to move, unless I’m readjusting on the same day. Brute force doesn’t help, but rocking and wiggling the front piece always loosens things up. I don’t have this issue with moving the seat forward and back, but I don’t mess with that measurement much.

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@CraigM I did a combination of both. I go my son to assist and did just as you suggested. It wouldn’t move, wouldn’t move, wouldn’t move … and finally it jumped out. I lubed it a bit and was able to get it to move in and out a bit. I got it set to where I needed it. Thanks!

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