Wahoo Kickr Bike Saddle


Just bought the new Kickr bike.

Wanna ask whether the figure provided by the app applies to the provided saddle only or it is also applicable to other saddle. The saddle provided is too narrow and too long as compared as to the saddle I am using right now on my road bike.

Thank you so much

I dunno know, but I do know that putting a B17 on my bike dramatically improved my overall comfort level.

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I don’t have a kickr bike, but my 2 cents: You can spend a lot of time measuring, or just throw it on there and adjust it a few mm either way until it feels right. I would view the app as a general guide anyway. It’s not going to give you a perfect bike fit.


It‘s a good question. Wahoo gives you the option to insert your proper bikefit numbers from systems like Retül and gives you the matching settings. It’s also a question that nobody except the Wahoo support can answer, so it‘s worth shooting them an email.

For what it‘s worth: If you do a bikefit with your own saddle and transfer it to your KickR Bike, it should mirror the settings. Try it. Don‘t take my word for it.
That‘s my approach.

The setup guide provided in the app, without a bikefit: That‘s just an estimate anyway. A very rough estimate.

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I’d take the app’s values as a starting point at best. I tried it several times but got always different numbers, and always a too low saddle heigth. I replaced the saddle rather quick as well. Even more fun is the tilt of the saddle since - at least on my KickR bike - there’s no fixed 0 degree position, it changes if I tilt manually to 0, if I start the Sufferfest it sometimes tilt a little, if an app shows 0 degree incline it’s again different. Little nuances, but…
The good thing is you can try and experiment to find the position that works best. I’d say even a good bike fitting mustn’t provide the position that you feel most comfortable for the rides you’re going to do; you’ll not spend hours on the fitting bike going uphill, downhill or simulate the handling of your bike at all - you’ll have to try and find out.


I swapped out the saddle, bars and pedals to match my road bike. Used the numbers from the bike fit and it was pretty spot on.

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The app set my saddle 1 1/2 inches too high and 1/2 inch too far forward. The bike ships with something terrible to sit on and I assume they know you will change that very quickly. Swap the saddle for something that fits your bum.

The great thing about the Kickr bike is being able to play with your position, try it out, put it back or change a different setting. I’m procrastinating on changing the bars next.


Thank you everyone for your advice and recommendation.

Just got a reply from Wahoo…the data applies to the saddle which we used during our fitting session.

Hope this helps everyone.