Sweet spot training

Hi I want to do more sweet spot training to improve my aerobic abilities.
My heart rate rockets between zone 3 and 5 and I need to improve my ability to maintain 70-90% of my FTP while remaining in zone 3.
My plan is to do sweet spot training for the next 6 weeks indoors.
How do I find these sessions using the filter tool in the library?
Are these classed as endurance or sustained efforts?

Try looking in:- Cycling, Building Blocks, 4DP FOCUS
I use the MAP Focus but substitute the Saturday session for Cobbler.
It’s working for me.

The answer is Yes…

The thing is, you want to do both. If you select the “Tempo” building block in the plans, you’re pretty much focussing on that sweet spot. The activities that show up include:

  • The Way Out
  • Tempo Alternating
  • Cobbler
  • Making an Hour Record
  • To Get to the Other Side
  • Tempo with Varying Cadence
  • Getting Away with it
  • G.O.A.T.

And a whole bunch of inspiration rides under 70%

Going back to the library, these rides show up as Endurance or as Sustained. So yes, pick rides from those, or do two 2:1 plans of the Tempo building blocks.

Happy suffering!

When looking at individual sessions, sweet spot is often referred to as Sub-threshold instead.

Thanks for all the useful input. The building blocks for this seem to be exactly what I’m after.

I had looked at this and cobbler is definitely one that is helping. I’m also looking at some of the GCN endurance which are sessions alternating between threshold and sub threshold efforts. I think these may work

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You could also look at Thin Air or Half Hour of Power etc and alter the intensity to make them sweet spot sessions

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Now you’ve said this I suddenly asked myself why I didn’t think of doing this earlier. That would allow me to use a far wider selection of training videos.

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You could also do Blender and just skip the pain shakes part.