Training to PACE better


I am an ironman triathlete. 4DP sets me as a pursuiter and my MAP is pretty good but FTP not so good.

I have a bit of a problem mentally (and maybe physically) sustaining longer efforts of hard intensity (FTP or above). I just seems to die off about 15 minutes into the workout and then stop and start to the end.

I think it is a pacing issue. Going off too hard etc.

What Suffererfest workouts would you recommend to teach me how to pace myself better and get in tune with my body.


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Hey Chris,

When was your last 4DP? If the number is from a while ago the targets may not be set right to what you are currently doing.

If the numbers have been tested recently (in the last month), I would recommend lowering the intensity by 10-20% to get you used to the sustained efforts.

There are lots of different sessions to choose from if you go to the workouts tab and filter by FTP there is a nice list for you to work through :slight_smile:

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Hi Coach Rupert,

My targets are quite recent but I’ve always had the problem of churning out the long intervals.

Will I still get a training benefit at 90- 80% FTP?

I’ve seen a few sessions under the FTP category but in your view which is the best to improve my sustained efforts and also teach me to improve my pacing

Thanks :+1:

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Having the reduced intensities will give you slightly less benefit in regards to your power however in regards to your overall efficiency it will do wonders as get you more used to sustained efforts and in time you will be able to bring the intensities back up!
Video I would recommend are:

  • Butter (although below threshold, probably the best place to start with the repeated sustained efforts)
  • The Rookie (3 10min sustained efforts)
  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • The Bat
  • The Chores (could be good for you as it has short Threshold sections after the MAP efforts)
  • Hell Hath No Fury (2 nice long 20min chunks for you)
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Thanks for that!

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I’ve always disliked/had difficulty with sustained FTP efforts - I found the FTP progression series quite a good way to get used to it. No fuss, no muss, just some straightforward suffering.


Also checkout the Original Blender NoVid, nice long FTP sections but getting shorter as they get up to threshold


Hi Coach,

So I did the first hour of the new session ‘Cobbler’ today at 100% and I followed the cadence targets closely.

Great session and videos of my favourite race Paris -Roubaux.

Super happy that I managed to finish the first two long efforts without stopping and my HR only just hit the top of Z3 at the end.

I think that perhaps my cadence has been too high (90rpm) and I’ve burnt out too quick in the past.

I’ll try the other sessions this winter and see.

Thanks for all your help!


Awesome- glad to hear that went well, the goal is to build up to do the whole session (I didn’t put it on the original list as I didn’t want you to go too big to soon).

For cadence, @Coach.Mac.C wrote a really useful article a few weeks ago:

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