Sweet Spot Workouts in SYSTM

Does anyone know of which workouts there are on SYSTM that are considered to be in the “Sweet Spot” type (IE: slightly harder than Zone 2)?

Im trying to compile a list of workouts that I can do when I have time, unfortunately im a bit time crunched and my ability to get in workouts on the trainer varies quiet a lot.

Sweet spot is z3/z4 88-94% of FTP, Z2 is only around 55-75%, i.e sweet spot is a lot harder.

How many hours a week can you train and for how long?

Most of the Inspiration videos are steady state z1 recovery or Z2 Endurance, I’d just pick on the right length and increase the FTP % to get the power into the zone I was after.


Really depends on whats going on that week, could be anywhere from 4-12 hours. Currently dealing with the tail end of a cold and will be likely starting some easy stuff towards the end of the week to get moving again.

Alternatively you can do Open 40, 60 or 90 and adjust the intensity.
I usually do these for Z2 while I am on the phone.

Filter in the Workout Library with the word ‘Sub’ and look at the variation of Sub-Threshold workouts offered. That is considered “Sweet-Spot” territory.


In the Sufferfest channel, “The Way Out” is described as sweet-spot intensity.

Maybe also “Getting Away With It”.

“To Get To The Other Side” might be a little bit on the easier side.

I was going to also say exactly what @Dan says here!

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It depends on if you’re looking for Zone 2 or Sweet Spot workouts. They are completely different (as mentioned before by others).

The Cobbler is considered sweet spot. Right around 90-95% FTP. And as also mentioned by others, “sub-threshold” is one of the key terms to search for in the cycling library.

If you’re looking for Zone 2, then as also mentioned you’ll be looking for 60-70% FTP and use workouts like Open 60, Open 120, and any of the “Endurance” no-vids (Endurance +, 1, 1.5, 2… 5, 6).

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Thanks, this helps immensly. Probably not going to help me get to where i need to be for an upcoming event. Unforunately an untimely cold got to me and i’ve already lost 1.5 weeks of training as well as the decreased fitness that comes with a cold.

Im trying to workout my training to limit the losses and get back to where I was before getting sick and then build from there. I think my overall fitness for the event is almost there, the last 100km or so is still going to be questionable though. Its a 300km event, i’ve done the shorter event of 210km with slightly less training than what I have done this year.

@Marty I doubt you lost much fitness and if have been getting proper rest and hydration you should be just fine going forwards.

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Re-reading what you looking for, don’t rule out any of the Tempo workouts, that’s harder than Zone 2 as you highlighted but ‘easier’ than Sweet-Spot which you requested.

Use the key word Tempo in the Filter.

If you are tracking fitness, your CTL and ATL scores should be guiding you with numbers, but ultimately you will know from RPE levels where you are at.

Rather undertrained than injured.


Thanks for the vote of confidence there, unfortuately things like colds and other respitory illnesses hit me a little harder than it does for everyone else and usually takes me a bit longer to recover than everyone else.

While im not fully utilising sites like TrainingPeaks to track this stuff I do have the Elevate plugin for Chrome which gives similar information just visualised instead (it has its quirks but overall its good).

The advice given so far by everyone is immensly helpful though and I have been adding this information into a Journal that I have started keeping.