Switching to smart trainer 4 weeks out from the Tour

So I’ve been suffering for a number of years, initially on TrainerRoad using virtual watts on a dumb trainer before switching to SUF many years ago, using the same dumb trainer but with a Stages PM.

This will be my 5th tour and for the first time I’m working through the prep plan. All going well - I survived ISLAGIATT somehow last weekend - until this week when said PM decided to give up. Having tried everything to revive it, to ensure I didn’t miss too much suffering I bit the bullet and ordered a smart trainer which arrived today. I’m now back to suffering! Yay!

So here’s the question - I’m now working with numbers created using the PM. So I need new numbers. So, do I:

  • swap out a session in the prep plan for another FF?
  • swap out a session for HM and try to work out the “gap” between old PM and the smart trainer
  • carry on and hope for the best

Opinions please!

I’d go for a FF if you’ve got the capacity. Although there shouldn’t be a great deal of difference between the stages and the trainer (compared with using virtual watts), obviously HM will only update your FTP & MAP.

On the other hand, HM won’t kill you and you get to play with ERG mode, and you can make a quick decision about how different the FTP & MAP look and adjust NM/AC accordingly.

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I think you should do one of the tests to update your numbers for power numbers generated by the trainer.

I agree with this. Doing HM gives you a relatively easy way of comparing old and new numbers. If they’re close, then you’re good to go. If not, then you can either adjust NM/AC as suggested, or consider doing FF.

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Thanks - I think I will swap out today’s Team Scream for HM. I’ll let you know what I find out!