New power meter - different from virtual power

I’ve bought a power meter. Up until now I’ve been using virtual power on an unlisted magnetic trainer. It seems that VP has been underestimating my power (I’ve probably had the resistance set too high). I plan to do a Half Monty tomorrow to update my figures.
It seems I might be producing up to twice the power numbers.
Question: Will the HM test be ‘set’ too low for the new PM?


The ramp test will start too low, but you can just keep going as long as you can. If you are really worried about it, set the workout targets for your FTP to somewhere between your old number and the new number. The ramp test starts at 50% of your FTP and goes up from there.

Good luck.


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I would say definitely yes. I too used virtual watts for quite some time and my power numbers were clearly too low.

No dramas at the time, I just used HR and RPE and still got a great training stimulus. But, when I did get a kickr, accurate power and erg mode it was sooo much better.

Using my old inaccurate numbers I actually got through the entire half Monty ramp on two occasions before I had my first ever erg mode fail on the third post kickr half Monty. I’m assuming because my previous inaccurate numbers started the ramp way too low.

So in summary, it might take you one and a half Monty’s to get accurate FTP and MAP numbers out of that test. I would just save time and do a FF!!! (Insert evil GvA laugh here)!!!


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Thank you. I’ll post how it goes later. I’ve started using a PMC on Golden Cheetah so I want to keep the numbers as relevant as possible.

I think I got away with it! I had to dial back the trainer (lifeline tt-01 magnetic) from level 5 resistance to level 3 to be able to get down to the low wattages required. Looking at the speed I should probably have set it at level 2.
I got to the end of the ramp but I was pretty much done, with HR at previous ‘breakdown’ levels. My FTP has risen by 44 watts (not really of course - I’m still a similar fitness). I now have a MAP higher than my AC figure! The FTP figure should be useable for the Golden Cheetah PMC.
I’ve got my first FF scheduled for 3 weeks time.