SYSTM app playing up

Has the app been updated? I’m having problems when I make changes (rescheduling workouts) to my training plan. It allows me to make the change but doesn’t ‘remember’ it when I go back into the app.
Sometimes when I open the app, all of my plan is gone. Both past completed and future activities . It seems to be some sort of a data sync issue?

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I get the same on my iPhone but works fine on my iPad!!

Device and OS…?

IPhone. Also trying to add workouts and delete workouts but it’s not updating even though it’s says ‘workout added’

Ok, so if I add a workout it doesn’t show in my calendar. If I close the app and then reopen the the workout appears.
Also - when I open the app none of my plan workout show until I scroll away and then click the TODAY button - which seems to refresh it