Workout calendar not syncing between apps

I’m currently on the free trial for SYSTM and loving it so far. The calendar feature is amazing. However, I do outside rides on the weekend, so I needed to reschedule / remove some things from my calendar. I did this on my iPad and everything looked great. Now, when I use the web app or my phone it still shows the old data and doesn’t show the workouts that I completed yesterday. How do I get the app to sync correctly? I would have expected the calendar changes on the iPad app to reflect on my iphone and the web app.

TLDR: I rescheduled some things in the workout calendar on my iPad, but I’m still not seeing those changes reflected on my phone.

I’m getting the same. Made some plan changes on my PC yesterday and my Mac & phone still showing the previous scheduled workouts on the calendar.

Worse, I can’t get a workout to start on any device at the moment.

Same here… Did a workout, stuck on sync pending, done all the usual troubleshooting, no result.

Must be an issue server side with wahoo

It obviously should update automatically. If it isn’t, try restarting the app.

It’s a server issue, not client side

My app synced correctly about 2 hours after I posted this, so we’re all good now. I’d be more annoyed if it prevented me from doing my workout, but it didn’t . I hope things stabilize more in the future.

I continually have this problem and other synchronization problems with the calendar.

It could be a simple problem with their server, or perhaps they have made some poor choices about how they cache and transmit their delta changes.