Systm for beginners

I have used Sufferfest, now Systm for a few years, rollers + power meter pedals connecting to laptop.
I bought my wife a Kickr Snap and will be connecting to an IPad.
I know what steps I would recommend for her to get going. She will be using Systm workouts, ( separate subscription :angry: ) I would be interested in what others would recommend for getting started.

The 14 day trial plan seems a good start to get an idea what she wants. There’s a HM pretty early on to get a good basis for further work and there’s yoga too.

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Full Frontal, followed immediately by Kitchen Sink. Then, Knighthood.

Actually, since you can help her navigate the set up should she run into any problems, I’d highly recommend the Tour of Sufferlandria Prep Plan. It starts on January 3rd with a HM test on the second day. Until then, I think just noodling around the app and trying out some things that look interesting.

Can’t go wrong with some of the new shorter (but still KickA$$) vids like Cash Register, The Cure, SUF Idol. Recharger is a brilliant little recovery spin.

To Get To The Other Side is longer but thoroughly enjoyable and hey, it’s Sir Mike Cotty!!! #everybodylovessirmike