SYSTM is working fine

Just want to say: Over the past month or so, I haven’t had any problems with

  1. Videos not loading
  2. Workouts not saving
  3. Difficulty connecting to my trainer or other devices
  4. Choppy videos

or anything else. I did have video disappear mid workout once, but that was because my home internet provider went down in the middle of my workout. Obviously, not SYSTM’s fault.

I don’t mean to diminish real problems that others sometimes have. But at least for me, and probably many others, SYSTM works as advertised.


Lol! Well look at that!!

At some point in the last month I seem to have lost my legs somewhere. Can I blame someone for that? (Other than the chap who had all the food on my plate and the wine in my glass).


If you did any of the following, contact the Minions they may have found them:

The Shovel
Team Scream

Otherwise, they may have quit in disgust. I have to find mine because I did something to my right and left knees. Time to focus on Style.

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Fortunately, I did Elements of Style (for the sixth time) a few days before I recently did ISLTA. It actually did help. The Shovel is scheduled in about two weeks, we will see how much I remember.


Imo the Systm app does it job just fine.
I had no issues with connectivity with my turbo or syncing with Strava. Everything worked out of the box.
It’s got a clean interface, it’s simple and easy to use.
Sure some more features would be nice, but I see them more as nice-to-haves than deal breakers.

All in all I’m enjoying my workouts on this platform (way more than I expected too).


I am glad that some of you are not experiencing problems. I however have had occasional stutters in videos, Climb does not function in Systm on my Mac (Climb does work in other apps) and I now have a problem logging in to the Help centre. Yes the Minions have responded but this not what I expect or deserve. Wahoo needs to stop treating us as Beta testers and roll out a working Systm

Everything has worked fine for me - no issues at all since the move. I always download videos in advance which I expect is important to avoid issues.


I’ve had no issues since the change. Weird.


The climb does not work on MacOS Monterey when paired with Bluetooth. That was not something that Wahoo could anticipate. And merely because it works in another app doesn’t mean SYSTM is to blame.

You can use ANT+ or iOS and Airplay to your Mac (I did that two days ago myself).

I am a member of Wahoo’s beta testers. You are not using a beta copy of the app.


I’ve also have no issues with using SYSTM. The only time there have been issues is when there have been server outages, but that’s not the app’s fault.

I’ve had good experience with both streaming and downloading videos.

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A single server outage should not affect a properly designed distributed application.

It’s been my understanding that SYSTM uses the same workout player that the old Sufferfest app did. I believe that is slated for a redesign as well. Until then the same general guideline applies which was to download the video beforehand.

I think we can safely assume that there were multiple shortcomings in that old app and the workout player, otherwise they would have simply reskinned it.

Consider me a bit patriotic in that I’m a fan of the direction they are headed, and eagerly awaiting the enhancements. I also believe it is taking longer to get there than any of us anticipated.

I’ll not be ditching them unless the new workout player becomes a thinly veiled shopping cart for Krispy Kreme.


I agree with you on the merits of SYSTM, which is why, despite my unhappiness with the software, I still use the plans, the workouts, and occasionally the podcasts. Nobody would do ISLTA, Nine Hammers, or any of those workouts otherwise.

Nonetheless, just let me state that as somebody who has spent decades as a software developer, architect, and advisor to companies of all sizes, that the term unhappiness understates my opinion.


Or Dunkin’ Both are two sides of the Couchlandrian enterprise. However, we do have a local donut shop that offers BACON donuts…Oh, the quandry.

Sometimes developers are hampered by what the Operating System designers do. This happened to Linux and Windows when ‘undocumented features’ were either changed or outright eliminated. I remember a famous case where Linux was ‘fixed’ and you couldn’t save files unless you were an administrator or your program ran as one. Blew up a bunch of applications that used scratch space in /tmp for computations. Windows is famous for closing or removing such. I didn’t expect this from Apple though. However, the fix in 15.1 resolved a Critical Vulnerability without any notice this was going to happen.

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Sometimes developers are hampered by insufficient resources.

It is usually impossible to tell from the outside where the problem is. Although in my experience, while occasionally the technology is a problem, it is usually a people problem.

None of the problems with SYSTM seem to be of the undocumented feature type. They are lack of feature parity, synchronization, lack of fail over, poor UI design, etc.


So, I’m not a developer, as it’s all Greek to me. Also not Greek. But, despite the issues you mention, there is literally nothing out there that even comes close to providing me with what I want in a fitness app. As far as I’m concerned, it only keeps getting better. Yes, I agree that it “should” have been released with feature parity, it’s all coming together pretty well as far as I’m concerned and none of the missing features were make or break for me anyway.

Also, this is the SYSTM is working fine topic, not the There’s a bunch of yet unresolved issues topic :wink:


Thanks Sir Brian I understand that sometimes things take a while to work out when OS is updated, however the Wahoo family of devices should work with the Wahoo Systm, after it’s all supposed to. I have now been waiting for the minions to fix this and they closed the ticket rather than leaving it open. The work around is something that I could look at but really isn’t it supposed to work properly. This is not the only issue that I have had since the change over.

By their nature threads change direction, I was only responding to another post.
I also stated that I am in agreement with your opinion of the value of SYSTM, the discussion was about the software.

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