SYSTM on a Chromecast with Google TV (Unsupported)

Thanks for posting the how to. Everything works fine until the install step. Getting a Verification error. Anyone else get that?

No problem, @Scetes.

  • Are you trying to install on a Chromecast or something else?
  • What version of the SYSTM app are you trying to install?
  • What does the error look like/say exactly?

Just in case other Android phone users are still looking for solutions, I simply purchased a Targus DOCK110 ($65CAN on sale) and installed the DisplayLink Presenter app on my Android phone. The dock is about the same size as an older model smart phone; nice a small.

Your phone is plugged into the DOCK via attached cable. HDMI from DOCK to TV and I was good to go with SYSTM. This approach allowed my phone to remain the brains, only Play Store serviced apps, and always up to date.

Display Link app also supports rotation (no need for extra apps).

While I’ve not tried yet, the DOCK also has an RJ45 connection and USB 3.0 slots, so I could hardwire my ethernet connection and attach a wireless keyboard/mouse.
Pairing of peripherals (e.g., trainer, HR monitor, etc.) shouldn’t be a problem, as it is all by the phone.
Hope this helps some other Android phone users … until Wahoo finally gets around to supporting Android/Chromecast.

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