Technophobe in need of help!

Hi all
I have always used my iPad Pro to access SUF and now SYSTM, I’ve never had any problems and am happy to continue like this however I recently moved my desktop Mac into the room with my Wattbike and am not sure how to access SYSTM on it. I’d quite like to use a bigger screen when training.
The mac is quite old now but runs ok. It’s not as quick as it was mind you. I looked for SYSTM in the App Store but it wasn’t an available option. What am I missing??

My OS looks like this (all up to date)

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You need to download the Mac App from Wahoo directly. Get the Intel one, not the silicon.

But…according to Wahoo there are minimum system requirements (your version of OS X El Capitan may be too old but you could try anyway or try to update your OS X software first.)


Thanks Glen, I will certainly look into it! :blush:

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