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Hi! I’m new here and to the cycling world in general. I took the Half Monty test a little over a month ago but I really don’t understand my results. I’ve got a list of numbers and I don’t know what they mean. Is there a range I’m supposed to be in? Is there a certain number I’m supposed to be using as a goal or benchmark? Perhaps this is explained elsewhere and I just don’t know where to look?

@FierceAndFlexible This link might help:

Half Monty Test

After the test your numbers become part of your profile and the workouts are adjusted based on your strengths and weaknesses. The Half Monty is less difficult and less comprehensive than the Full Frontal Test. The FF will provide 4 metrics.

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Hey @FierceAndFlexible, welcome to Sufferlandria (you can never leave :wink: )

Take a look here Learn More About The 4DP Workout Rating System – The Sufferfest and this might answer some of your questions. There are loads of training articles on the SUF website as well as lots of info in the forums here (under the training topic Training - The Sufferfest).

It can be quite overwhelming when you are getting started but we are here to help. Also, you can always reach out to theminions@thesufferfest.com, they are always available to help and, imho, the most responsive customer service and support you’ll find anywhere.


Just to add to what was said above. There is no range you are supposed to be in. The numbers only are relevant to you.

That being said, depending on your goals, improving some aspect of your fitness may be important than other aspects.


Bare in mind, if you really want to compare or judge yourself, Watts per KG is probably better than just Watts. I can kick out some really high numbers, but I weight 95kg, so in races or out with friends, I need those Watts to propel my heavy body along, especially up hills! :sob: