Testing after Full Frontal

My 12 week training block ended with a FF on Dec 22 which identified AC as a weakness. I did a couple of weeks of racing (the training block paid off, podiumed in 3/6 races, winning 2). Next week I finish up an AC/NM building block. I’d like to test before going back to racing and free rides through early spring. But I feel like it’s too soon for another FF. And it doesn’t seem like the HM will reflect any AC gains. Any suggestions on how to quantify results of the AC training? Or should I just settle for knowing I did the work?

You are correct that HM will not reflect your AC gains as it only measures FTP and MAP.

You can do The Trick in level mode and take the measurement of your third interval as your new AC value. Or do The Omnium and take the results of the Kilo interval. They were usually considered “close enough.” But really, the best apples-to-apples is to do another FF.

6 weeks isn’t too soon to do FF, either. What’s the maxim say… “Testing is training, but not all training is testing.”? It may not show a huge change, but could still show some change. Tho, it’s always just a snapshot. But it isn’t too soon.

And yes, you can always choose to just continue to enjoy your fitness for another month and then do FF early in March.


Great suggestions. Thanks @emacdoug I’ll try The Trick. Since it’s not apples to apples, I won’t manually update my profile but will use that as an internal checkup until the next FF.

My “too soon” comment was 100 percent about my mental unwillingness to test again. :grinning:

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I completely understand. :grin:

That says it better than I ever have. For the FF, I like to do the 7 day test prep plan with the HM on day 3 and FF on day 7. It gives a consistent lead in to the FF and the HM sets the suggested targets for the FF making pacing a lot easier. I try to just beat them and it’s killer. Don’t think of it as testing. Think of it a very solid, hard, week of workouts.

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Hi, I’m a new dbl. lung recipient and all this lingo is so foreign to me, what’s a full frontal please, and is that something all lung recipients get? Thanks for any feedback.

Hi @Stogi555 I’ve replied on your other post. These tests are to check cycling fitness for people who ride bikes to get fit. Not sure if youre into bikes like the rest of us or have stumbled across this forum by mistake by searching for “double lung transplant” as one of our members did a few years ago. :+1:

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Its worth updating the AC value in the profile, otherwise you’ll start to find workouts with AC intervals start to feel really easy (that is if you’re using Erg mode and you trainer is capable of ramping up that fast and hard).

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