The joys of riding a bike

I love the sufferfest, and the training I get from it. But most importantly I love riding my bike. Today, I rode my single speed Grammy bike to pick up beer. It was just a two mile round trip. I had the wind blowing in my face, I was wearing flip-flops, I felt young again and I had the biggest smile on my face. Now I am drinking said beer. This is the life for me.

Share a story about why you like riding a bike.


Riding to get groceries or run basic errands beyond commuting by bike make for great times, smiling faces for me. I could easily rack up 30-40 miles just running around town in my truck, but this way, it is a good enjoyable workout.

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Ok this is not politically correct…But I survived the 70s with no helmet​:confounded::crazy_face:. Riding with no helmet along the Ligurian coast :it: and the wind in my face…Freedom!


I know! If we knew we were going to live this long, would have taken better care of myself. :sunglasses: