The Knowledge: How to Use Low Intensity and Low Volume Training

In this episode, Neal and Mac discuss low-intensity training, how absolutely important it is in low volume training and how it’s a foundational part of high volume training. What is low-intensity training? And how do we define that? And really, why is it valuable or important? Have a listen and discuss here.

Listen to the episode here

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Really enjoyed this one as I have others. Bite-sized enough to listen to in one go with a lot of good info. The to-and-fro between @Coach.Neal.H and @Coach.Mac.C makes it easy listening.

Only comment would be on the Notes page - being a science-based podcast would it not be worth adding a reference or 2 to scientific papers from where the science knowledge is coming from? Where publicly available and not behind a paywall.


I agree. This was an excellent podcast and put into context their thinking on polarised plans for most of us. Episode 5 almost follows on from this one and contains some brilliant information on doing endurance rides properly.