The last race: North America Tue Niter Sleepy Hollow

This is the last race of the North America Tue Niter, and the last day of RGT!

I have a special request: please register for this race! It will help get it on the app schedule now that RGT support is no longer available to do that for us. We need only 19 people to sign up (other than me).

The Sleepy Hollow Circuit Race, on Halloween, the last day of RGT!

This makes me sad. I can’t attend the ride, but I signed up anyway. :slight_smile:

I hope everyone has a great ride.

Thanks for all you’ve done for RGT, and thanks to everyone at RGT for what you have given us. It’s a great app with great people.

Thanks! It is sad, but I am hopeful that the RGT spirit of community racing is at some point carried on by another platform, whether that is Indie Velo or something else.

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