Hi all,
When is Norway being released in the App?

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Funny thing about Norway appears to be that linking DPF fundraiser through Facebook does not work. Have tried to get friends to donate in the occasion of my birthday (today the 9th, contributions are most welcome :pray:t3: link in bio), but I am told there is an error message saying the fundraiser cannot accept donations from your location (Norway).

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Hi Magnito, first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY EH! We have both @Lauren_TeamDPF and @Rebecca_TeamDPF from Team DPF here in the forum and they will help get your link issues sorted out. Also you can email them at Best of luck on the TOS. See you at the grande departe Sunday. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks @GJStache53! I have already sent an email about the problem. :+1:

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This is going to be AWESOME! Norway is one of my most favorite places on this Marble! The TdN goes right by my home away from home there.


Yeah, this looks awesome. Let’s all make sure we get that far…


I did Norway today… it’s for Racers … and not for Rouleurs like me !!!