The Rookie

Ah, one of my favorites. Engaging, fun, hard. Great video and training session. It was my seventh KOS video.

Now, with a dumb training I have difficulty meaning I the power and the cadence in the quickly changing race scenarios. I usually exceed the prior and a bit lower on the latter. But I was wondering, how do smart trainers cope with those quick changes?

Also, it seems that some of the on bike footage is not exclusively from team Sumeet, some seems to be from Orica Green Edge (visible in the reflection in the car prior to the last race). Am I right?

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My Kickr is usually fine with the changes. Very occasionally (maybe once every 100 intervals) there’s a delay of exactly 6 seconds, not sure why, but on the whole it copes very well.

Last time I did The Rookie, I used Level mode (smart trainer) and while I couldn’t nail every power/cadence target, I think I was close enough for it to count. I’d typically start to ramp up output and cadence about 3 seconds before the interval hit.

Thanks, a smart trainer is in my future at some point, maybe 2021 or 2022…

I agree, I think I hit the target well enough to count, but it be great if there were some way to show compliance with the targets in the post workout summary, right @JamesT…?


Ha, don’t get me started, I’m trying to be a happy, patient, dumb user these days :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:heart: The Rookie

Gosh, multiple cracks… from MAP 70 cadence switching to FTP 100 cadence plus the overtures over and over again.

i barely made it out of the 3 stages. legs jelly eyes bleeding laser goat almost got me

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