The Trick - outside

Okay so the weather is finally turning here and I had to get outside. The trick was on my calendar, so I picked a short hill nearby and drilled it for 1 minute, 4 times. I also got the 6 minute rest intervals pretty well timed and found a loop to do the 15 minute tempo interval.

Ff profile - 886, 438, 311, 244

Results were:
1 min - 502, 451, 402, 391.
Tempo effort - 215

I’m curious what the pros and cons are to doing this type of workout outdoors… Should I continue to try this workout outdoors or is there a better alternative for an AC workout outside?

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I’ve done The Trick as an outdoor workout before. It’s a good one to do as you just hit the 1 minutes as hard as possible, which is why indoors it’s recommended to do it in level rather than ERG. Can’t see much disadvantages to doing this one outside really, other than you have roads and traffic to be aware of and negotiate.

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I’d start with geography and figure out what kinds of intervals are about right for local hills/loops. For me, that’s a tight loop with a slight uphill that conveniently lasts about 30 seconds of sprinting, so its 30/30s, and a hill climb that takes about 3 minutes, so some kind of repeated MAP efforts.

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