The Trick... where have you been hiding

Did the trick for the first time this morning, what an awesome work out. AC is definately a weakness of mine but I found ample recovery time and the workout very immersive

Just shows you, even almost a year into an annual subscription there’s new workouts to find and with upcoming changes the platform should only get better


it’s a trap :slight_smile:


It would be cool if the app could show you which workouts you’ve never done…

@NormtheChelseaboy It does - check Passport, Achievements and Sessions Completed. It will show # of times completed and a 0 for those that haven’t been tried yet. Also in the videos tab there is a field for last date suffered and also the # of times which will show 0 and state not suffered if you haven’t done the workout yet.

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Ah gotcha, thanks! I should have looked at that.

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Conclusion: the app is cool :grinning: