The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 1: The Sufferfest - Cash Register + Revolver

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 1: The Sufferfest - Cash Register + Revolver
Sunday March 12

Welcome to Stage 1 of the Wahooligan Tour. Please use the thread to tell us about how your Tour is going so far!

A ride to honor the man himself, Davis Phinney, Cash Register is a series of over/under intervals, where you alternate going just below and just above threshold, which is the foundation of many classic workouts. Cash Register is an adaptation of that idea that comes in the format of a sprint/settle/surge session consisting of four intervals that get a little shorter (but not easier) each round.

Second up, Revolver. The simple idea of going hard for one minute and then easy for one minute, and then repeating, has been around since whatever evil genius realized that intervals were the best way to train. There is a reason this simple session has stuck around: it works.

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

You never ride alone.

Wahooligans unite! Join us on the Official RGT open road for your warm-ups, cool downs, or stage rides (learn how to ride SYTM workouts in RGT). Use the voice chat feature to talk about your Tour experiences so far with fellow riders.

Looking for something more intimate? Join fellow Team DPF members, Wahooligans, and VIPs on Zoom at 9 am MDT (Boulder, CO USA) during The Tour - add this zoom link to your calendar to participate!
Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Meeting ID: 885 6838 1159
Passcode: 610161

NEW for 2023 - Daily Challenges!

During each day of The Tour, the top fundraiser of the previous 24 hours will earn a Wahooligan Tour jersey, custom created by our friends at Cuore! The 24-hour block will run from midnight-to-midnight MDT (Boulder, CO, USA). We’re already underway for Day 1, so kick that fundraising up a notch and be the first to earn the jersey!

Are you a part of a team? A special team competition will be announced later in the week. More details to come!

Find out more about some other challenges happening this week by visiting our Official Race Guide page.

Your Tour Merchandise

The Official 2023 Wahooligan Tour Poster is available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Davis Phinney Foundation! Add this year’s poster to your collection!

This year, we have also designed a Tour jersey which you can assign to your avatar on RGT during The Tour. But to bring this to life even more, head over to the Cuore store to purchase your actual Wahooligan tour jersey!


Only the weak need to be afraid!


That looks pretty awesome, though!



Small but devoted crowd at Stage 1a


Nailed it !


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did the thing. About half way through Cash Register I was starting to doubt myself, but then Revolver felt pretty good. 1 stage down, 6 to go! (not looking forward to stage 6)


And here we go!


Woo hoo using 50 hr window to get as much tour in official hours as possible… so…. Going in…

Chasing froomy and Co was fun… and celebration on finishing with my tribute to Davis and my Signed Jersey from last yeat! Thank you Sir @SirJoe

Then to always my favourite Revolver… attack face

Left it alll out there

But every victory counts…


Yay @DameJo! Way to kick us off!


Stage 1 in the books! Tough but perfect start with cash register and DPF !!!


Now it’s a Tour. Thanks for the victory pose Dame Jo!


ahhh, the faces of suffering. :heart: :heart: :heart:


My favorite picture of fluffy.
Cash register was a great warmup for Revolver, and it was nice to see Davis P, MVDP, and Wout as I look forward to others suffering during Holy Week.


When you say NO GRAPHS, I may have found a loophole…

Here’s my stage 1a experiences…


We are live on Twitch right now:

I’m live on Twitch, come hang out! Twitch

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General rule is a $10 donation to DPF for every graph posted unless they’re funny. I will leave it to the graph police to determine whether your graph has met the humour threshold. I am humourless :wink:


Stage 1 complete. All under the watchful eyes of coach Mr. Bear. He was unimpressed.


Cats. Such jerks!!!


Stage 1 of my first Tour done! So much more enjoyable having the company of @TrapMeSuf, @JSampson, @DameLisa and J.Butts on RGT - Bedankt, thank you! It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone in my suffering, even though we were scattered around the world.

I can also confirm that Dame Lisa did indeed don the goat suit. I am sure the suffering was immense - I expelled copious amounts of Sufferlandrian Holy Water, wearing more suitable attire, so I can only imagine what the suit was like after the ride…