The wahooligan tour stage 4 - official race thread

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 4 - Wednesday February 28


We’ve hit the halfway point of the Wahooligan Tour - how should we celebrate? It’s time for Davis Phinney’s signature stage, Cash Register! Channel your inner sprinter and don’t forget to raise those hands in victory at the end of each sprint effort, just like Davis himself.

As a special incentive, hit the $250 fundraising mark, and you’ll snag some sweet @Team DPF swag.

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Wahooligan & Sufferlandrian Route: Cash Register
Over/under intervals, where you alternate going just below and just above threshold, are the foundation of many classic workouts. Cash Register is an adaptation of that idea and comes in the format of a sprint/settle/surge session consisting of 4 intervals that get a little shorter (but not easier) each round.

Suferlandrian Route: On Location Italian Lakes - San Vitale to Ponte Tresa
Welcome to the picturesque shores of the San Vitale River in Ticino! Join Michael Cotty for an exhilarating cycling workout on Wahoo SYSTM as we venture into Italy’s Varese region. This session focuses on hitting your maximal sprints to improve your anaerobic capacity and your body’s ability to recover from short sharp efforts with reduced oxygen.

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

You never ride alone.

Ride with us! Join VIPs and Davis Phinney Foundation staff on Zoom at 9 am MDT (Boulder, CO USA) during the Tour - add this zoom link to your calendar to participate.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 899 3074 6160
Passcode: 919989

Your Tour Merchandise

The Official 2024 Wahooligan Tour Poster is available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Davis Phinney Foundation! Add this year’s poster to your collection!


Just curious which order Sufferlandrian Route riders plan to take (or have taken) for stage four’s two efforts. Cash Register first or second?


I follow the order of routes in the Progress section of the app.

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First, just because.

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You get the credit both ways so will let you decide :slight_smile:


Stage 4 - Aka and this is where it all went wrong

I thought the Italian Lakes were going to be a bit of a rest but despite Mike (of the impossibly stable core) telling me how good the sprints felt and that he believed I could do it, turns out Mike was all kinds of wrong about both of those things.

The video kept freezing, lagging and stuttering like it was buffering on a Nokia in 2001 which reminded me why I ended my Systm subscription last time.

I paused the workout at one point to try to reboot the video and now I have a grey bar on the workout in my calendar instead of a green one and I don’t know what that means for the Tour badge although I never stopped pedalling and you can confirm that with Mike the Bike cos he was there.

Cash Register will have to wait until first thing tomorrow because, just, no.

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sometimes things go buggy for no good reason. Did you download the video in advance by any chance? Also, way to get after it. I hate it when the tech goes glitchy!!!

2 things, 1, you might want to delete your app completely (you won’t lose anything except your old downloads, all your history is in The Company cloud). Restart whatever hardware you were using for SYSTM (mac, phone, windows pc, etc), reinstall a new clean version of the app and download the vid you’re wanting to do.

As for the badge, and you’re riding it and evidence thereof, Dame Ellisa has advised to reach out to the minions and they may be able to work some behind the curtain/flogging station magic for you.

I dunno why, but the delete and clean install does sometimes help when things have gone awry!

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This feels like some sort of 9 Hammers trick…
“Why choose? Why can’t I ride Cash Register before and after San Vitale ?..” :grimacing:


My plan is to always ride the Sufferfest first. I want to give it my all.

Non Sufferfests follow after this when I’m already an empty shell. And no that Italian Lakes ride is NOT a recovery ride by any stretch. Looking forward to this pairing tomorrow…


Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try and also contact the minions about the badge situation.

I hadn’t downloaded the video, I never do, but I might break my rule for the rest of the tour videos just to be on the safe side because I had enough on with those sprints without battling tech too!


Officially it’s CR then OL according to the poster & schedule, which is what I would’ve done, cos you’d get a good spinout after CR (except for the full-bore sprints lobbed in there which are unpleasant). But I decided to ride CR tmrw with Davis & the DPF team, which means a double Suf day tmrw. That should be an epic beating… :raised_hands:


That was a nice warmup with SirStandalot for Cash Register.
I had to do both today because I have other commitments tomorrow . I will have some dry cookies and sit on hard wooden chairs in meetings to keep the mood.

But now I will enjoy my recovery drink:


My legs felt pretty buggy trying to keep up with Mike on the sprints. Do you have directions on how to reboot those? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was nowhere near the sprint targets for OL, so dialed down Cash Register (which I did second) to 95% but actually came a bit better and was close but not quite to the 100% targets riding in level mode. The Model and Downward Spiral are consistently the two hardest Suf workouts for me to complete, so the back half of this tour has me hoping for a miracle.


In the TOS 2022, It was the Downward Spiral, and then the Model. This year it is the reverse.


A reminder for those who have not voted, the poll closes at the end of the Tour.


I definitely need to retest! I’ve done all my stages at 108% of my January Half Monty results. I picked 108% because that put my heart rate into the target zones for the last couple of weeks after what felt like a poor test. I knew I quit the ramp earlier than usual cause I just. wasn’t. feeling. it. that day.

Today’s stages hit the most of the heart rate zones but still felt NOT challenging. Easy peasy. A few intervals were low but my heart rate reacts slowly when the intervals are spiky short.

I had planned to take tomorrow as a rest day but I think I’ll go ahead with The Model and consider adding a bonus stage on Thursday since I haven’t yet ridden Lugano.


Stage 4A complete woth SirStandALot. First time sprinting post MCL rupture and I was ok thanks to dialing down.
A Manic work day means 4B will be done tomorrow morning and 5 tomorrow night.


Stage 4 Update

The minions sorted out my issue with the Italian Lakes completion (operator error, obv) and the massive bowl of spaghetti I ate last night seems to have given me the pasta power I needed as Cash Register this morning was, dare I say, enjoyable?

However, next up is The Model followed by DS which I’m going to absolutley hate so…silver linings and all that.


When I woke up this morning, my legs did not hate me, so that seems promising. Haven’t decided which way round to tackle 4B and 5 yet. Currently thinking about sticking to numerical order, it’s been a while since I did the Model, so don’t remember what it’s like (could mean my brain blocked out the horror to protect me?). Any advice?