Choosing the right plans for this winter

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As we’re sliding into winter, I was wondering how to make the best of the following months to improve on the bike and be fitter next spring. Concretely, I find it hard to build the right training plan. There are many plans to choose from and picking the right one at the right moment of the season can be a bit tricky for people like me who are not very familiar with structured training. :thinking:

I’m a bit confused because the traditional base/tempo miles are not considered effective for raising the FTP for the time crunched riders, however there are now base and tempo building blocks available since a few months. Would it be a good idea to do a traditional 12w of tempo block, then 4w of FTP, and finally 4w of MAP? I’m afraid that 12w of tempo riding would be too much and detrimental.

Would the All-purpose road plan be more effective than the 12w of tempo? What alternatives are there to get the most of winter training? What would you recommend? :thinking:

My weakness is the sustained power and my strength is the MAP if that can help. My main goal for next season is to take part in a climbing road race (some kind of uphill TT with a mass start lasting about 30min).

I hope the text is understandable enough, English is not my mother tongue but I’m doing my best. :sweat_smile:

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Hey @Nicola, i think this could be. great place to start for you:

Then you can checkout your 4DP profile and see where you want to go from there. I would say the al purpose plan would be beneficial to you as this is also tailored to your rider type.
Here is some more background reading for you too:

Thanks for sharing that link - I especially enjoyed the base training article - it tied everything together for me as to how to handle the offseason. I am in week #2 of the climbing program after finishing pre and in season MTB and am just thrilled with everything - the workouts, yoga, strength, MTP and all the shared coaching tips.

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Glad to hear it’s all going well for you @JSampson, if you have any more questions you know where to find us :+1:

Thank you for the answer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ve already been transitioning during November, so I’m going to start the All purpose training plan and see how it goes!

Have a good day!

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